Hsi is going to stay in the Boston area.

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There seemed to be nothing to do.

Maybe I'll buy a bike.

I didn't allow animals in the hotel.

Apprenticeship is a system where you eat, sleep and live with your master and are taught various martial arts know-how and secrets.

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a residential installation.

You have made the same mistake.

Roxanne's home burned down in 2013.


Plants breathe, too.

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They communicate disapproval by shaking their heads.


I haven't talked to Len in a while.

He has many books.

You should acquaint yourself with the facts before you make a decision.

I have a normal eyesight.

We're in shape.

I'm sure that Edward made that story up.

I'm in trouble because of you.


I always drink a cup of coffee in the morning.


We were all wondering why you were late.

The eye is the mirror of the soul.

I can't afford a new coat.

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You should've asked him first.


I'm meant to be much more than what I've become.

Every new day could be your last.

I'm afraid I took the wrong train.

What makes you think he had anything to do with it?

Lum is a person we can trust.

I like that one better.

Love must triumph.

Turkeer seemed pretty upset about it.

I'm going to cook you a nice dinner.

Well, where do I begin?

Sabrina did more than that.

Not all of the boys laughed at him.

Sleep is better than medicine.

I said I was sad.

I can talk Shahid out of doing that.

I do my English homework in Latin, my Latin in Economics, and my Economics before school.

I saw her talking on the phone.

He should revise his lessons!

Lebkuchen are a traditional German Christmas cookie.

The rumors were true.

This is a house to let, not to be sold.

Why did you skip school?

I don't want Vice to make the same mistake I made.

This watch is real bargain.

Allen promised he would tell us as soon as Laurie arrived.


I've seen this movie three times.

You need to sign that.

Did you find your purse?

How much do you charge for cleaning a wool dress?

Hillel was wrong and I told him so.


I don't want you to date Sharan.

Sugih appeared on the cover of Time magazine.

Actually, I just want to talk to Maureen.

It's better to be alone than with some dumbass by your side.

I was lovely.

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Sjaak may not want to go to Boston with you.

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Had Napoleon been born in this century, what could he have done?

I love it when they leave the curtains open.

Pamela set up his own practice in Boston.

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You can't leave us, Rudolph.

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I was defending myself.

Rodger is having trouble sleeping.

I'm so thirsty.

I used to work with them.

I have three sisters and a brother.

Intended for children, the book entertains grown-ups.

You knew it was wrong.

Your eyes are red from crying.

My dog really likes oranges.


Tell me how you did it.

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This bread is delicious.

Other people at the meeting didn't agree.

He is not the kind of person who is open to discussion.

I can't squeeze juice out of this orange. It's dry.

Can't you take a joke?

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Suu's decided to donate his body to medical science.

The pilot made an emergency landing in the desert.

I'm not cut out for gambling. Maybe I'm just unlucky, but working for my pay is more of a sure thing.

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I didn't invite them.

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Despite their great wealth, they are not happy.

I'd like to talk about that.

Stan is flabbergasted.


I hired a guide.

I'm not quite sure what to make of this.

How much will all this cost?

I asked Hotta what he'd do if he were me.

Blaine has been reorganizing.

Strange to say, he met someone who was said to be dead.

I don't care about the cost.

Did Marika want to go to Japan?

I went climbing in the Alps.


Strive to be happy.

When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.

We want to go.

Will you give me the recipe for your salad?

Singing is his thing.

Even walking till my legs turned to lead I couldn't find one that I liked.

I started doing this work 4 years ago.

That hen hasn't laid any eggs at all, lately.

Murat doesn't have much teaching experience.

All the languages of the world are beautiful.

This store sells vegetables.

Somehow, a nearly bankrupt third-party publisher flashed the new Castlevania game onto the memory incompletely. As a result, an entire generation of kids in Macon, Georgia unanimously condemned it as "Simon Does Nothing but Fall into a Bottomless Pit."

You could have done it.

Lowell lowered his rifle.

Two pupils are absent today.

You had best go home early.

Cary is looking for someone.


Takayuki told me where to go.

Are you sure it was them?

I'd like to know more about what happened to Ramon.


It's no good waiting for something to happen; you must take action at once.

He stood up in the room and looked around.

Giant pandas live only in China.

These drinks are a la carte.

What's the minimum wage?


He can overcome any obstacle.

Don't talk shop to me.

What's that you've got there?

We're patient.

I'd like an aisle seat, please.

Let us settle the matter without a third party.

Could you speak to Jef?

I was just thinking of a new job.

Omar doesn't know exactly how much it'll cost.

There is nobody who fulfils these conditions.

I'm not wiping your tables.

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Studying three hours a week wouldn't be enough to learn a language well.


All the members were present at the meeting.

We missed you at the party.

So, what you're telling me is that I have to work tomorrow.

It was a resounding success.

Your right taillight is busted.


This word derives from Latin.

He might be at home.

In fact, I risked nothing because I was going to move to another city and never meet them again.

Would it help if I turned on the light?

Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz.

The less Oskar knows, the better.

She burst into sobs.

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What he said was by no means true.

You've been in an accident, but you're going to be all right.

The committee members are all present.

Which of these rackets is yours?

Bears hibernate during the winter.

We didn't have computers when I was growing up.

I can only speak French.

I didn't study at all yesterday.

Greg said he had a stomachache and didn't feel like eating anything.


Is there a pharmacy nearby?

Is this your office?

Klaudia is expected to do a good job.

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My father left me a lot of money in his will.


Rodent enjoys watching old black and white movies on YouTube.

Suwandi didn't keep his promise to me.

Something must have happened to Bob yesterday.

Suzanne was paid to lose.

There is also one type of idealism that says even without strength or intelligence you can do anything if you can merely persist.

He's a man who doesn't speak with anybody.

Sigurd is a self-educated man.


Did they repair the watch?

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Now let's not be greedy.

Only three people were in the room.

I feel happy when I'm with you.